from 24.200,00 MDL

Finishing: Paint

Country of production: Poland

The VITRO door leaf is made of tempered glass in an elegant stepped frame with simple moldings. The new Standard 40 door frame with a narrow 4 cm casing makes the door especially lighter.

Accessories: We provide a wide range of hardware specifically matched to the color and design, including magnetic locks, and hidden 3D adjustable hinges.

Door dimensions: Standard passage width: 706, 806, 906 mm Standard passage height: 2028 mm

Glazing: The VITRO model is equipped with a 6 mm thick tempered glass in a transparent version – OptiWhite.

Available tempered glass options:

  • OptiWhite – transparent, fully transparent
  • Antisol – light-absorbing, tinted glass, translucent and easy to clean.
  • Satinato – one side is smooth, the other slightly matte. Transmits light, but still provides confidentiality.
VITRO from 24.200,00 MDL


VITRO Series

Elegant in its shape, glazed with transparent glass, loft doors with Standard 40 door frame, with a trim width of only 4 cm are a perfect addition to any minimalist interior. Their attractiveness is emphasized by the black lacquer color and elegant moldings.

Door frame STD 40

Finishing: paint

The narrow stepped door base and the STD 40 frame highlight the elegance of the door.

Technical Features:

Flush doors, doors with reversible opening, wall sliding doors, cassette sliding doors, double-leaf doors, custom size doors, the possibility to select any door frame from the LAGRUS collection.

Door Frames

Due to the wide variety of options, the door frame can be selected as a separate door component. Our range includes: STD 80, STD 40, standard adjustable door frames, door frames for hidden instalation, reversible door frames (for doors with reverse opening function), and door frames for sliding doors.

A special group of decorative, stylized door frames: PALATIO, STYLE, INSPIRA, DEKORA and their additional elements: crown moldings and uprights, that can be combined with all types of door frames.
Each frame can be made in PLUS version.


adjustable, paint/veneer


adjustable, paint/veneer


adjustable, paint/veneer


moisture-resistant, paint/veneer


moisture-resistant/waterproof, paint/veneer


adjustable, paint


adjustable, paint


adjustable, paint


adjustable, paint



Finish Colors

Finishing – Matte paint

The doors are painted as standard in black RAL 9005 matt lacquer. We paint doors in smooth, solid colors with high quality protective matte varnish. The lacquer is applied in several layers, it is durable and resistant to damage.